Anonymous said: Do you find satisfaction in braging about sex? About how you treat sex as a simple means of pleasure, and not as an intimate event? You just happily go out, spread your legs and let anything fuck you. How do you feel happy with yourself? Do you not feel like you're just doing it to show off?


Secondly, you spelled “bragging” wrong. Call me pedantic, but next time you want to spout some judgmental bullshit without any kind of foundation to back it up, you may want to at least pretend to have some credibility. Nevertheless, I have sex when I want, with whomever I want. My reasons are personal and definitely none of your goddamn concern. 

I’m gonna go have sex with a cucumber now! 

  1. thisismysexyblog said: Tell ‘em, girlfriend! Serious question: what’s this anon even doing on your blog? They do know it’s a sex blog… right?
  2. streetnessandlight said: I don’t know you, but feel the need to comment. Get fucked, anon. In the literal and the figurative sense.
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