Long time

We stumble into the darkness.  Piece by piece we pull off our clothing, quickly and thoughtlessly, as shadows begin to rapidly fall upon our bare flesh. My hand trembles upon his cheek as I press my lips against his, then behind his ear and down his neck. I guide him towards the bed. He sits before me. I straddle him, lean in, and whisper, “I want you to choke me.” He grins devilishly as he grabs a fistful of my hair, pulls me towards his face and kisses me hard. He pushes me onto the bed and gets up. “Wait here,” he says. I lie on the sheets anxiously. I begin to play with my stiff nipples and squirm as I move my other hand slowly down to my warm, wet cunt. Before I lose all control, he comes back, and stands at the doorway dangling a pair of handcuffs.

“Crawl to me, slut.”

I blush, but gladly obey.  

Tags: sex erotica
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