His blue eyes stared into mine like waves crashing in the darkness as our bodies fumbled towards each other. His pink, sweet, swollen lips pressed against mine like a familiar lover, like it had all happened before. For the first time I saw the small hairs of his back rise in the gray sunlight that bled through half-opened blinds. I could hear my breath against his neck as his hands cupped my body into his, keeping me close like a keepsake. The warmth of my heaving breasts reverberated against his chest as I bent down towards him, my wild hair canopying our faces. Not a single word was spoken then, just breath as we pushed closer towards each other, as we felt the easy rhythm of our heated bodies, as we kept open eyes. Closer then quicker, and space no longer existed except for around us as I arched my back and his body sunk into mine. Silence and his azure eyes burned through skin.